Fall Risk Assessment Tool

Frequently Asked Questions

What is FRAT-Up?

FRAT-Up is an assessment tool for evaluating the risk of a subject aged 65+ to experience a fall within a year.The risk assessment is computed on the basis of general information about the health status of the subject, provided by the user through a simple web-based interface.
FRAT-Up is the outcome of the research project Farseeing, a EU project funded under the FP7 framework.

Is FRAT-Up free?

YES. In the current implementation FRAT-Up can be used freely, and no fee is required.

Can I buy FRAT-Up?

NO. FRAT-up currently is a research prototype, and its use is free of charge. However, we are discussing some plan to come up with some business scheme, hence in the future this tool might not be freely available anymore.

Can I install FRAT-Up on my desktop/server?

NO. Currently FRAT-Up is hosted on servers of the University of Bologna, as part of the research activities of the Farseeing project.

Are you logging sensible data?

NO. We are not logging any sensible data provided by the users. We do not keep any record or other information about the subject's health status. All the information provided through the web interface is used annonymously to compute the fall risk, but such data as well as the computed fall risk are not recorded in any way.

Are you logging some information about me?

YES. We are logging general information that is provided by your browser. Specifically, we just log your IP address and the date/time the FRAT-Up service was used.

My IP is a private and sensible information. You are logging it without my permission...

NO. Your IP is not a private and it is not a sensible information. Your browser is providing it automatically to us. And we don't need any permission to log the IP of the requesters...

Why are you logging my IP?

FRAT-Up is the result of a research project. We need to support our research results with our research funders. One way is to show them that people is using our tool. We are happy if you find FRAT-Up useful, but we also need to show that it is indeed a used tool. We Hpe you understand why we need to log your IP.

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